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About me
     I was the youngest of a family of five and watched my father have the burden of mounting medical bills because of cancer. After his passing I watched a mother struggle financially trying to finish raising her kids. Now from my experience and being a proud father of five children, I am always trying to protect them I want to make sure they don't have the same expeiences. This is why I dedicate the same passion for my clients. After being in the financial industry  in the trading world I gave my clients the knowledge to protect themselves. This allowed me to help make the best decisions for their situation. I will create an assurance so no family will have to endure what, too many, people have to experience with life's unexpected events. I can create customized protection so you can focus on the things that are important. Insurance protects you and your loved ones in every aspect of your life so you can have peace of mind. I want all of my customers to be treated, and protected especially their livelyhood, as if it were my own. This allows me to give my best opinion, for you to make a sound judgment:
  • With auto, to ensure an accident does not cost you anything out of pocket.
  • With home, to ensure any incident will not leave you without a place to go in any situation.
  • With life, to ensure your siblings or wife are not left with unexpected bills that cannot be paid.
  • With Health, to ensure a life altering event does not come from your savings or retirement.
  • With business coverage, to ensure your hard work is protected against unforeseen events that could end up bankrupting or crippling your company.